LLCs and Corporations for Internet Marketers

Hello Internet Marketers!

This blog will contain information on Limited Liability Companies, “C” and “S” corporations geared toward Internet Marketers or any other small business owners. I am an expert in this field, having been a corporate consultant for the top incorporating companies in Nevada, which incorporates more companies than the other 49 states combined. I’ll let you know why this is in later posts.

I also have 2 decades experience on Wall St. as a stockbroker/supervisory principal and have participated in 6 or 7 dozen IPOs and a half dozen secondary offerings, none under USD $25 million. I have pretty much single-handedly brought 2 Chinese companies public under NV. Regulation D so I have a well rounded corporate background.

Since I have entered the IM arena, I have noticed that many Internet Marketers are very under informed on how to structure their businesses for maximum liability protection as well as tax savings. Some are getting just downright bad information from licensed professionals such as attorneys, CPAs and financial planners.

In some cases, this has cost them thousands of dollars and, in more extreme cases, caused them serious problems with both state and Federal agencies.

I will be addressing many of these issues and will reveal resources to help business owners keep more of their hard earned money while showing techniques that will legally protect their assets and obtain every tax break they are entitled to.

I also invite comments and resource providers that will benefit everyone safely and legally.

See ‘ya on the next post, FranksternVegas.


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